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Here’s a critical question when picking out onesies for babies. Should you buy them with zippers or buttons?

It might seem like an odd question in the light of day, but if you’ve ever fumbled around in the middle of the night when the lights are turned down, trying to change the baby’s diaper, it will all make sense!. Your baby might need the freshening, but it will also most likely not be crazy about the idea of waking up in the middle of the night for a clothing maneuver. For this reason, you will want to minimize the amount of disruption you calls. This will be one of those times when the zippers or buttons conundrum becomes crystal clear.

To be sure, you have plenty of options deciding what to buy. It doesn’t matter whether you choose zippers or you choose buttons, the selection is almost overwhelming. Retailers of baby clothing are literally everywhere. We often shop first by looking at the Gerber site to see what is current in baby clothing styles. As you’ll soon see, it’s much more difficult to narrow down your selection, then it is to find an adequate number of choices.

Whenever you do look at potential purchases, try to remember that function trumps form when you’re dealing with a baby. Cute clothing looks like it will be fun, but if it makes it difficult for you to change or undress the baby, the good times are going to come to an and very quickly! And in the middle of the night, all you really want to do is quickly get to that diaper and fix the problem. We recommend zippers because of exactly these situations. If you’re not working with much light, trying to find and even up buttons can be an absolute nightmare.

Zippers, on the other hand, have only one way to go, and as long as you’re careful to keep them away from the baby’s skin when you are opening or closing, it’s hard to go wrong. Find onesies that zip all the way up or down, and you will have an easy time making those midnight diaper changes. It’s stressful not being a parent, without compounding the problems by purchasing inconvenient clothing. Your baby only wants simple routines, and it’s a lot less loud and insistent when at peace. That’s why we find zippers to be a lot less problematic than buttons in baby clothing. Bear in mind, were not trying to make a fashion statement here!.

If you absolutely must go with buttons, we wish you all the best. Hopefully you’ll be able to sleep in every once in a while.